Additional diploma in management

Additional diploma in management






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Your first Master's degree already in the bag? Add to it with personalised training in economics and management!


This programme is taught entirely in french

Rigour and flexibility

The course is taught over one academic year with classes during the day or in the evenings. Students have two years (maximum) in which to complete the programme.

35 compulsory credits are granted for the programme's core management training.
25 credits must be selected from the Master's programmes in business management. Students personalise their learning journey thanks to the wide range of classes, some of which can also be taken in English.


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For who?

This programme is aimed at university graduates with a Master's degree who wish to develop core parallel skills in management without previous specific knowledge in the field. This additional diploma represents a real asset to professional integration and promotion


International mobility

As part of the Additional Diploma in Management, you will have the opportunity to complete a period abroad as part of the "Summer Programmes" offered by ICHEC partner universities.

A company work placement can replace a certain number of optional class hours. The Additional Diploma in Management does not include a final written assignment.
There is no final written assignment in this programme.

35 credits will be chosen among the following courses
Code Course Hours Quadri Credits Teachers
31DCG10 Economie 60 Q1 5
  • Géraldine THIRY
13UGE40 Marketing 60 Q1 5
  • Marc MONDUS
21GE031 Management Stratégique 60 Q2 5
  • Pierre-Alain SCHARFF
21PGE10 Accounting and financial analysis 60 Q2 5
  • Marie GARCIA
21PGE20 Financial Mathematics and Financial Management 60 Q2 5
  • Valérie KINON
Tronc commun Q2 en anglais
21GE015 Human Resource Management 60 Q2 5
  • Michael VERBEEK
21GE030 Corporate Strategy 60 Q2 5
  • Christophe Lejeune
Tronc commun Q2 en français
21GE016 Management organisationnel et humain 60 Q2 5
25 credits must be selected from the Master's programmes in business management

Student status

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From outside the European Union


*This amount is subject to change as a result of any possible legislative changes

Admission requirements

Have a Master's degree in an other field than economics or management.


Students willing to register in the Additional diploma in Management must first send a request for admission to Nathalie Van Droogenbroeck