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In line with ICHEC's mission, the IRL’s primary focus is on enhancing the impact of intellectual contributions internally and externally, and make them truly transformative.

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Research projects

Towards a bio-climatic and modular improved raw earth habitat in Ouagadougou (HaBiMo)

Research project in partnership with ICHEC, ULiège, 2iE and Thomas Sankara University to design and promote sustainable, accessible and modular compressed earth brick (CEB) urban housing for the middle class in Burkina Faso.

Towards a sustainable wellbeing economy: integrated policies and transformative indicators (ToBe)

ToBe aims to build an understanding of a sustainable wellbeing economy by developing integrated policies and transformative indicators.

Grupo de estudos do cálculo no ensino médio e superior (GECEMS)

Teaching and learning analysis: what theoretical framework for international collaboration? Funded by the Brazilian government, this project involves researchers from Brazil, Mali, Mozambique and Belgium.

SMEs TRAnsition for an European Circular tourism Ecosystem (TRACE)

TRACE project aims to enhance and monitor the sustainability performance of SMEs in the tourism sector, boosting their awareness, development and capacity to develop and integrate sustainable innovations in their business practice.

Responsible Management and Performance Management in a Service Context (MARS)

Applied research project studying changes in managerial practices in the context of a servitization strategy in the mobility sector.

La Maison du Repreneuriat (LMDR)

Business transfer/takeover coach for ICHEC's Families in Business Chair, launched in collaboration with EPHEC. Close to the field, the results of these coaching sessions will feed into the Chair's future research.

Business Model Canvas Boostcamps

The boostcamps are organized with our partner OVO ("onderneming voor onderneming"), and are dedicated to entrepreneurs in Senegal and Benin. This project nourishes a ethnographic research on entrepreneurship in the South.

Managerial Practices for Responsible Management (PRAMARE)

What innovations in managerial practices are currently taking place in organizations? And how can they contribute (or not) to more responsible management? These are the questions at the heart of PRAMARE research.

The Subjective and Cultural Dimensions of Transition (TransDiSC)

From a transdisciplinary perspective, the TransDisc project explores the cultural and subjective issues at stake in the socio-ecological transition via two case studies and the experimentation of a nature immersion teaching method.

Beyond CULtural TOURism (BeCULTOUR)

The overarching goal of Be.CULTOUR is to co-create and test sustainable human-centred innovations for circular cultural tourism through collaborative innovation networks/methodologies and improved investments strategies.

How to attract and retain (future) young workers trained at business/management schools (ZATTRAY)

The aim of this research project is to highlight the managerial managerial practices likely to improve the attractiveness and retention of young workers graduating from a business school, and to question the role of management.