The laboratories

Labs at ICHEC

Labs are workspaces that bring together certain IRL researchers organized around a specific expertise. These labs are places of experimentation, allowing researchers to practice and test their knowledge related to an expertise, as well as to share it with others. The IRL supports these labs so that, as elsewhere in the IRL, free and creative, rigorous and responsible research can develop. Several labs allow research to be structured in sub-groups around a field, within the IRL: QuaResMI, LADICHEC et SustainLab


ICHEC's QuaResMI is a research lab that focuses its activities around quantitative methods.

This lab hosts monthly seminars, an annual conference, and a notebook dedicated to quantitative research, covering (but not limited to) statistics, graph theory, algorithms and data analysis.

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LADICHEC is a lab that conducts basic and applied research in mathematics didactics.

The ICHEC didactics lab studies phenomena related to the learning and teaching of mathematics, mainly, but not exclusively, at the level of the secondary to higher educaction transition. The research conducted is essentially based on the theory of didactic situations (TDS) and the anthropological theory of didactics (ATD).

The lab attracts national and international collaborations in this field. 

At the national level, LADICHEC has privileged links with LADIMATH, the didactic lab of the University of Liege, with which it conducts research on teacher training. 

At the international level, LADICHEC has taken an active part in the creation of GECEMS which brings together Brazilian and African researchers around the teaching and learning of fundamental concepts of mathematical analysis (limit, derivative,...).

LADICHEC is also concerned with linking fundamental research with the realities of the field and is also developing an applied dimension based on its fundamental research. It participates in the pedagogical dynamics of the institution by collaborating with the ICHEC student support service, by developing innovative teaching projects for the institution, but also by proposing conferences dedicated to the general public and to researchers of other disciplines.


SustainLab is ICHEC's research lab dedicated to sustainable research in management.

ICHEC SustainLab is a workspace that brings together IRL researchers around their expertise in the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability. It was created in 2021 as a result of the school-wide co-construction to develop sustainability.

Researchers in the SustainLab study and develop new narratives allowing us to imagine, design and manage resilient organizations that serve peaceful coexistence, social justice and ecological regeneration, here and elsewhere. In their research practice, they take up the challenge of in-depth transformation towards a socio-economic system respectful of the planetary boundaries, as actors who are aware that they belong to the Living World.

Research topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Donut economics
  • Ecological Economics
  • Sustainable business models
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable finance
  • Circular economy
  • Circular tourism economy
  • Bottom of the pyramid
  • Sustainable marketing
  • Sustainable cultural heritage management
  • Responsible management
  • Innovative managerial practices