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Brussels, a city brimming with life !

# Capital of Europe

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, is also the capital city of 500 millions europeans. It is a necessary crossing point between several European countries, and has always been a meeting center for intellectual and scientific trends, a melting pot of Latin and Germanic cultures. Just 1 hour 25 minutes from Paris, 1 hour 50 minutes from London and Amsterdam, and 3 hours from Francfort, Brussels is the ideal departure point for trips to explore Europe.  It hosts the headquarters of the European Community, of NATO,  of 1000 organisations and of 2000 international public and private companies.

Brussels and Europe


# Cosmopolitan and alive

Brussels is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city  where you quickly feel at home. As a modern city, proud of its past, it offers all the advantages of large capital cities, while keeping its own specificities and its charm.
Brussels is also a city of learning. Over the centuries students from all around the world have come to Brussels, to find highly qualified training or to specialise in one of the fields that our schools are famous for. While the city may be bustling, it is also known for its dynamic nature and numerous start-ups.
ICHEC also strongly encourages entrepreneurship thanks to its Start-Lab Incubator.

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# City of art, design and fashion

The city offers a delightful mix of architectural styles, from the Romanesque, the Gothic, the Renaissance style to the Art nouveau. Walking around  the historic centre of the Grand Place and the Sablon you are sure to come accross some of these treasures,,but also if your steps take you towards the Cinquantenaire, the  Parc Royal, the old part of Saint-Gilles, Saint-Josse, Schaerbeek...
Brussels has a vibrant cultural scene. It has a keen interest in fashion, design and has become a hub in modern art

Art in Brussels

# Gourmet city

Belgians love the good things in life. Belgium is famous for its chocolate, chips, beers and even its waffles. You're sure to enjoy sampling its elegant, French-inspired gastronomy as well as cuisines from around the world. Nowadays, Belgians tend to opt for more healthy, locally-sourced and sustainably produced food. The city is teeming with small markets, organic, delicatessen shops and trendy restaurants.

Eat in Brussels


# Nightlife

Belgians likes to party! Brussels has a lively nightlife and café culture that you can experience at its many bars, cafés, taverns and clubs offering live music and more.

The night offer in Brussels