Preparatory course

Our objective

Prepare students to the transition to a new higher level of education. By making their integration easier, enabling them to understand what is at stake and how to make the most of the experience, ICHEC aims at enhancing their chances of carrying through their programme successfully.

Why attend preparatory courses ?

Apparently, mathematics, accounting and foreign languages are among the 1st-year subjects that students find most difficult. As a result, ICHEC decided to set up a programme of preparatory courses focusing on these particular subjects.  Another reason is that many students experience difficulties finding their bearings as they enter the world of Higher Education. 

We offer to spend some time helping students get familiar with their new student life. The preparatory programme has a double objective: an introduction to basic subject matters and an integration into the new environment of Higher Education.


How does it work?

The training is spread out over two weeks, and is adjustable to individual needs :

  • 10 hours -  introduction to the specifities of student life
  • 20 hours -  management courses (accounting or mathematics)
  • 28 hours -  language learning (English or Dutch)


What subjects should you choose?

  • Accounting or mathematics? Ask yourself whether you have any problems with mathematics. If the answer is “no”, choose accounting. Otherwise, take mathematics. Those who wish to study for the Bachelor's degree in Business Engineering should preferably opt for accounting.
  • English or Dutch?

Participation fee

250 € for the whole of ten-day programme & 40€ for the lunch.


The next session will take place from 2 to 12/9 2024.


Timetable to come



For any furher information, do not hesitate to contact Delphine Hauzeur:

Delphine Hauzeur
Boulevard Brand Whitlock 4
1150 Bruxelles