Master's degree in Business Engineering

Master's degree in Business Engineering






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A management career with a
focus on technology, computing
or financial management!

Students of the Master's degree in Business Engineering will acquire subject knowledge in the fields of technology, computing or finance.

There is also opportunity to develop specialised subject knowledge thanks to a wide range of options.

To develop the Project Management skills specific to business engineers, students will manage a real-life company project paired with their thesis as a means of connecting theoretical knowledge within the field reality.

International mobility

ICHEC considers international exposure to be one of its academic cornerstones and encourages students to give their learning journey an international dimension, particularly in the second year of their master's degree:


  • Semester 1: follow your specialisation course in one of our partner universities abroad.
  • Semester 2: conduct your internship and final thesis abroad.


ICHEC-ESAN Double Degree

ICHEC offers students on the Business Engineering course a double degree in partnership with the prestigious Peruvian university, ESAN Graduate School of Business. This programme lasts two years and takes place partly in Brussels and partly in Lima. In addition to classes, it also includes a thesis element and an internship.


What prospects does this programme offer?

As engineers, students are prepared for Management roles in which they are able to design and implement innovative management solutions, which incorporate technological, digital or quantitative aspects.

This Master's programme, true to ICHEC's mission, trains Managers:

  • that possess general subject knowledge broadened by quantitative methods and scientific and technical methods
  • that have operational skills, that is to say, able to act practically, on their own or as part of a team, to design and implement solutions incorporating technological aspects.
  • that are responsible for their own future and that of the company
  • that have an international outlook, mindful of complexity and maintaining a critical mindset
  • that are able to communicate orally and in writing in several languages


Professional situation after 2 years


Departments - positions




Combine technical, financial and managerial skills with
a 6-year double degree from ICHEC-ECAM

Students having obtained the Business Engineering diploma from ICHEC ("Computer technology" option) will be able to obtain at the end of one additional year of 60 credits, the Industrial Engineering Master's degree with IT specialisation from ECAM.

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Core programme
Code Course Hours Quadri Credits Teachers
21GE032 Strategy and Innovation 60 Q2 5
  • Pascal Laffineur
21GE058 Evaluation des actifs financiers 60 Q1 5
  • Christophe DESAGRE
21GE015 Human Resource Management
60 Q2 5
  • Marine DE RIDDER
21GE016 Management organisationnel et humain 60 Q2 5
Informatique et systèmes d'information
21IF040 Management of Digital Projects 100 Q1 Q2 10
  • Alain EJZYN
Méthodes quantitatives
21MQ050 Quantitative Methods 1: exploratory methods 60 Q2 5
  • Etienne CUVELIER
Sciences et techniques
21ST010 Industrial Chemistry 60 Q1 5
21ST020 Electronics and Electrotecnics 60 Q1 5
  • Jean-François CHASLAIN
Core programme
Code Course Hours Quadri Credits Teachers
22GE010 Supply Chain Management 60 Q1 5
  • François GRISAY
Mémoire et Stage
22XP030 Project-based Internship 210 Q1 Q2 10
  • Nathalie DEGROOTE
22XP040 Project-based Thesis 190 Q1 Q2 20
  • Solange SIMONS
  • Simon GERARD
Méthodes quantitatives
22MQ090 Intelligence Artificielle 2 : Machine Learning  60 Q1 5
  • Etienne CUVELIER
Sciences humaines
22SH024 Business Ethics and Sustainability
60 Q1 Q2 5
  • Coline RUWET
22SH032 CSR and Ethics 60 Q1 Q2 5
  • Laurent LAHAYE

One of the three courses modules below must be chosen. - Students having followed the new option in 'computer technology' will have access to the 'Master - Ingénieur industriel en informatique' at ECAM.
Code Course Hours Quadri Credits Teachers
Financial Markets and Sustainability
21FFM14 Gestion de portefeuille et durabilité 30 Q2 3
  • Christophe DESAGRE
21FFM16 Economie, critères ESG et marchés financiers 30 Q2 3
  • Bruno du BUS de WARNAFFE
21FFM20 Economics and Financial Markets 60 Q2 6
  • Christel DUMAS
21FFM42 Finance Durable 30 Q2 3
  • Christel DUMAS
Innovation et Management des technologies
21GE060 Energy 60 Q2 5
21ST030 Environment 60 Q2 5
21ST040 Material Technology 60 Q2 5
  • Vincent DUBOIS
Technologies informatiques
21IF060 Conception et programmation orientées objet 75 Q1 6
21IF061 Technologie Web 60 Q2 5
  • Donatien GROLAUX
21IF062 Systèmes d'exploitation 45 Q2 4
  • Donatien GROLAUX

Option: 15 credits to choose among the following modules:
Code Course Hours Quadri Credits Teachers
Advanced Finance
22MAF20 Ethics in Finance 60 Q1 5
  • Christel DUMAS
22MAF30 Advanced Financial Analysis and Reporting 60 Q1 5
  • Thomas CARLIER
22MAF40 Alternative Investment and Advanced Portfolio Management 60 Q1 5
  • Anh NGUYEN
22MRE40 International Standards of Auditing 60 Q1 5
  • Eric VAN HOOF
22MRE50 Audit et compétences professionnelles 72 Q1 6
  • Eric NYS
22MRE60 Déontologie et indépendance du reviseur 48 Q1 4
  • Marie Kaisin
Développement et gestion Nord-Sud
22MPD10 Project Management in Southern Countries 60 Q1 5
  • Catherine DAL FIOR
22MPD20 North-South Development and Management 60 Q1 5
  • Laurent LAHAYE
22MPD40 Globalisation et développement 60 Q1 5
Entreprenariat et PME
22MPM10 Company Start Up 60 Q1 5
  • Xavier DE POORTER
22MPM30 Entrepreneurship and SME's 60 Q1 5
  • Vincent HUART
22MPM40 Reprise d'entreprise 60 Q1 5
  • Marine FALIZE
Europe Business and Society
22MEP10 European Economics 60 Q1 5
  • Ivo MAES
22MEP20 European Union : History, Culture and Institutions 60 Q1 5
22MEP40 European Management in a globalized World 60 Q1 5
  • Frederik CLAEYE
Expertise Comptable
21MRE12 Pratiques des groupes internationaux 48 Q1 4
  • Marie Delacroix
21MRE16 Aspects légaux de la comptabilité 72 Q1 6
  • Mohamed EL BAKKALI
21MRE18 Applied Accounting 60 Q1 5
  • Dominique Milis
  • Jérémie De Matteis
22SF020 Introduction à la fiscalité internationale et européenne 30 Q1 4
  • Christophe Goossens
22SF040 Fiscalité des fusions et acquisitions 20 Q1 3
  • Sarah Van Leynseele
22SF060 Impôt des sociétés approfondi 90 Q1 8
  • Nicolas Bisschop
  • Geoffroy Galéa
International Business and Management
21ICI10 Export-Import Strategy 60 Q1 5
  • Marie-Lise HEINEN
21IEM10 International Marketing 60 Q1 5
  • Laura Gribomont
21IDM10 International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution
60 Q1 5
  • Patrick SAERENS
21IDM20 International commercial Law and Dispute Resolution 60 Q1 5
  • Emilio Paolo VILLANO
Marketing Data Analytics and Performance
22MMK10 Data Analysis in Marketing 60 Q1 5
  • Mohamed SELMOUNI
22MMK30 Prix et performance marketing 30 Q1 3
  • Jean-François Metais
22MMK60 CRM and Data Marketing 60 Q1 5
  • Martine George
22MMK70 Business Case Data & Performance Marketing 30 Q1 2
  • Isabelle de QUIRINI
Nouveaux Business Models durables
22MGD40 New business models: context and tools 60 Q1 5
  • Brigitte HUDLOT
22MGD50 New business models: social economy, circular economy, economy of functionality 60 Q1 5
  • Philippe DROUILLON
22MGD60 New business models : impact on companies 60 Q1 5
22LSM12 Introduction to supply chain management 30 Q1 5
22LSM13 Tools supply chain management decisions 30 Q1 5
22LSM14 Supply chain coordination and sourcing 30 Q1 5

Student status

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From outside the European Union



*This amount is subject to change as a result of any possible legislative changes

    Admission requirements

    The following Bachelor's degrees grant immediate access to the Master's programme:

    • Successful bachelor's degree in management engineering from a university subsidised by the French Community of Belgium
    • Successful bachelor's degree in business engineering from a Haute École [vocational university] subsidised by the French Community of Belgium

    Admission procedure

    1. Complete your preregistration online between 15 June and 30 September.
    2. Once your preregistration has been accepted, you will be able to finalise your registration online or on our campus.