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Prepare to share your knowledge in Economics and Management with secondary school students!

This programme is taught over one academic year by way of three evening classes per week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6PM to 9PM.

The teaching practice primarily takes place during the day in secondary schools.

The course leads to a diploma in Upper Secondary Education Teacher Training (Agrégé de lEnseignement Secondaire Supérieur (AESS)) in the field of Economics and Management and authorises graduates to teach in the upper cycle of secondary education.

ICHEC students wishing to access the teacher training programme can follow certain theoretical courses simultaneously with their Master's studies.

Head of programme:
Sandra Dejardin

+32 (0)2 778 03 02



CourseHoursCourse descriptionCreditsTeachers
I. Aspects socio‐culturels
Sociologie de l'éducation & diversité culturelle3031AG013-A3A. Medhoune
Institutions, acteurs et législation scolaire1531AG013-B1A. Elkholti
Ethique et neutralité1531AG013-C1A. Kovacs & I. Choquet
II. Connaissances pédagogiques
Didactique des sciences économiques3031AG023-A3B. Deraemacker
Psychopédagogie4531AG023-B3A. Maskens
Techniques de formation (exercices didactiques et TIC)3031AG023-C3F. Hubert
III. Connaissances socio‐affectives et relationnelles (min 30).
Psychologie de l’adolescent3031AG033-A3F. Mathijsen
Gestion du groupe1531AG033-B1A. Maskens
IV. Savoir‐Faire
Séminaires "corps et paroles"1531AG061-A1F. Pendeville
Séminaire de pédagogie entrepreneuriale3031AG061-B2L. Lievens & C. Evrard
Stage d'observation2031AG061-C2L. Lievens & S. Dejardin
Stages actif4031AG061-D5L. Lievens & S. Dejardin
Portfolio1531AG061-E2S. Dejardin
TOTAL330 30 
Code Course Hours Quadri Credits Teachers
31AG013 Aspects socioculturels 60 Q1 Q2 5
31AG023 Connaissances pédagogiques 105 Q1 Q2 9
  • Anne MASKENS
31AG033 Connaissances socio-affectives et relationnelles 45 Q1 Q2 4
  • François MATHIJSEN
31AG061 Savoir -faire 120 Q1 Q2 12
  • Sandra DEJARDIN
Student statusFees/year of study
From the European Union€836*
From outside the European Union€3,212

Admission requirements

  • Have a Master's degree in economics or management (such as a Master's in Management Sciences, Master's in Business Management, Master's in Business Engineering or Management, Master's in Economics, etc.) from ICHEC or other equivalent institution recognised by the French-speaking community.

For more information, please contact Hélène Wilmet | 02 739 39 55