Master's degree in Management Sciences (Day)

Master's degree in Management Sciences






1 year(s)

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Programme structure

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Develop your management skills with a broad-based yet compact programme

This Master is mostly taught in french.

We propose its equivalent in english.

The Master's in Management Sciencesis a one-year programme (60 credits).

It is organised as an extension to the Bachelor's degree in business management.

It allows students to further develop their knowledge in various management disciplines.

What prospects does this programme offer?

This Master's programme, true to ICHEC's mission, trains Managers:

    • to have broad subject knowledge in Management 
    • to have operational skills, that is to say, to be able to act practically on their own or as part of a team
    • that are responsible for their own future and that of the company
    • that have an international outlook, mindful of complexity and maintaining a critical mindset
    • that are able to communicate orally and in writing in several languages


Professional situation after 2 years


Departments - Positions


Code Course Hours Quadri Credits Teachers
21EC014 Topics in Economics and Environment Q1 4
  • Philippe ROMAN
Final paper
21XP012 Thesis 190 Q1 Q2 16
  • Benoît PIRAUX
21GE015 Human Resource Management
60 Q2 5
  • Michael VERBEEK
21GE016 Management organisationnel et humain
60 Q2 5
21GE018 Management Organisationnel et Humain (Cours) 30 Q2 3
21GE022 Digital Marketing
60 Q1 5
  • Jean-Philippe Desager
21GE02X International Marketing 60 Q1 5
  • Marie-Isabelle MUNINGER
21GE030 Corporate Strategy
60 Q2 5
  • Christophe Lejeune
21GE036 Corporate Strategy (Theory) 30 Q2 3
  • Christophe Lejeune
21GE040 Management Accounting Control
60 Q1 5
  • Benoît STEVENS
21GE04X Export-Import Strategy 60 Q1 5
  • Marie-Lise HEINEN
21GE050 Advanced Finance 60 Q1 5
  • Valérie KINON
21GE070 Séminaire pluridisciplinaire Q2 6
Informatique et systèmes d'information
21IF010 Strategy for digital business
60 Q2 5
  • Alain EJZYN
21IF012 Stratégie digitale des entreprises (Cours)
30 Q2 3
  • Alain EJZYN
21IF032 Digital Strategy 60 Q2 5
  • Jacques FOLON
Sciences humaines
21SH016 CSR and Ethics
60 Q1 5
  • Jacques SPELKENS
21SH033 Ethique et RSE 60 Q1 5
  • Frédéric KUPPER
+ Optional course : Any 5 credit course in the Master's programmes

Student status

Fees/year of study



From the European Union


From outside the European Union


*This amount is subject to change as a result of any possible legislative changes

    Bachelor's degree obtained in Belgium

    Admission requirements

    The following Bachelor's degrees grant immediate access to the Master's programme:

    • Successful bachelor's degree in economics, economics and management, management sciences, management engineering from a university subsidised by the French Community of Belgium
    • Successful bachelor's degree in economics or management from a Haute Ecole [vocational university] subsidised by the French Community of Belgium

    Graduates of short full-time Bachelor's degree programmes or of Bachelor's degrees completed as adult education from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Bachelor's degree programmes from the Flemish Community of Belgium can access directly to Master's courses by following an additional programme of 60 ECTS credits maximum.


    Graduates of other bachelor's degree programmes must submit a case review request to

    Admission procédure

    • Complete your preregistration online between 17 June and 15 September.
    • We will set up a meeting to finalise your registration on campus once we have received all documentation.

      Bachelor's degree obtained from within the European Union

      Admission requirements

      The following Bachelor's degrees grant access to the Master's programme following a case review

      • Successful bachelor's degree from a European University (Bologna process) in the field of economics or management

      Admissions Procedure

          Bachelor's degree obtained from outside the European Union

          Admission requirements

          The following Bachelor's degrees grant access to the Master's programme following a case review

          • 4-year post-A-Level degree [Baccalaureate] in the field of economics or management at a university-level institution that does not operate under the Bologna process

          Admissions Procedure

          • Admissions open on 1 January and close on 30 April.
          • Please submit a case review request toMartine Janssens