Pedagogical support service

ICHEC does its utmost to optimise your chances of success throughout your academic journey
and more specifically in the 1st year of the Bachelor programme

Preparatory courses

We organise preparatory courses over the summer in order to enhance your chances of success by preparing your entry into higher education!

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Day-to-day support

Throughout the academic year, initiatives are organised and activities offered to help students find answers to questions such as:

  • How can I organise myself to study efficiently?
  • Have I clearly understood the course objectives?
  • When should I start studying?
  • How do I manage my time?
  • Is my note-taking good enough?

These initiatives and activities include:

  • Office hours to enable everyone to meet on a 1:1 basis with the head of the Tutorial Support Team
  • "Efficient strategy workshops" which give students the opportunity to come together in small groups and think about how to improve their working methods or adapt to the requirements of ICHEC.

Mentoring is also organised for mathematics and accountancy: students from the upper years tutor 1st-year bachelor students in preparation for the practical workshops.

Conversation sessions in Dutch are also hosted by bilingual students.

At the end of the January exam session, students who do not make the grade are offered the opportunity to sign a commitment contract as a way of implementing actions to encourage their success.

Pedagogical resources

In order to carry through their projects successfully, ICHEC students benefit from a wealth of pedagogical tools and resources.



Methodology workshops

Starting in October (through to December and from February to April), methodology workshops are offered once a week to students. They are run in small groups and primarily deal with the following themes: note-taking, summary writing, time management, memory skills, stress management, exam preparation.

Moreover, working with teachers from the main subject areas, workshops such as "how to study for accounting or maths", or "how to prepare for a law exam" are also offered to students.


Language support

Language teaching is one of ICHEC's assets. Indeed, given its location at the centre of the Belgian capital as well as Europe, it's important that future managers have proficiency in several languages.

We offer students the opportunity to learn English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

In addition to small interactive classes (+/- 20 students) based on modern teaching methods, the language teachers also offer students various complementary services in addition to the classes.




  • Continuous assessment (all year long through various tests)
  • Remedial classes (to help students)
  • E-learning self-study methods using Internet websites
  • Summer prep classes (in Dutch and English)
  • Conversation tables
  • Cultural trips abroad (Berlin …)
  • Research and development of teaching methods


Delphine Hauzeur - Responsable du Service d’Aide à la Réussite
Bureau 402 (Montgomery)
+32 (0)2 739 38 51


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