Teaching and computing resources

Your tools at ICHEC

As an ICHEC student, you rely on teaching tools and resources to carry through your study project successfully,

ICHEC Moodle

ICHEC's e-learning platform, ICHEC Moodle, enables all students to access all teaching sites developed by its professors. It contains all sorts of educational resources: course notes, exercises, links, forums etc. Students can consult the electronic notice board to keep abreast of current events: schedule or classroom changes, work deadlines etc.

ICHEC Moodle is accessible both inside and outside ICHEC premises through Internet.

Access to ICHEC Moodle

ICHEC Student

ICHEC Student extranet allows each student to check  his administrative file, register for exams, view his results...

Accéder à ICHEC Student

      Your electronic mailbox

      It is an essential contact medium between students and the institution


      Wi-Fi network

      A free access to a secure wifi network absolutely everywhere on both sites.


      A network of free service multi-function copiers for photocopies, prints and scans of documents.

      Computer rooms

      Three rooms equipped with up-to-date PCs. All computers are fitted with the latest software needed by our students.

      These ROOMS are used not only for IT classes but all classes that require an IT medium, such as courses in quantitative measurement, language, accounting, etc.

      Reading room

      A reading and research room. It is located next to the library on Montgomery campus and is fitted with numerous PCs.


      Computer hardware in all auditoriums and classrooms: PCs, data projector, internet connection and in some cases, webcam, interactive board and/or smartpodium.

      Moreover, students enrolled at ICHEC can get free access to the Microsoft Office 365 Education suite office during their course of study.

      Students as well as all ICHEC IT resource users are invited to read and comply with the IT Charter.

      Contact : Thierry Graas, Director of Infrastructures and Technologies -  02 739 38 66