Social sciences

Presentation of the Disciplinary Field

ICHEC's mission is to train its students to become responsible and globally-minded managers and entrepreneurs, both in the commercial and non-commercial sectors. The humanities play a fundamental role in achieving this mission. Indeed, in their diversity, the humanities share the common goal of fostering complex, situated, and critical thinking.

First and foremost, the concepts and theories taught in the humanities, with their theoretical and methodological multiplicity, enable students to understand, analyze, and problematize complex realities from a systematic and holistic perspective. Before seeking solutions or focusing on "means," it is thus important to question the meaning of action and its objectives (notably through sociology, philosophy, and ethics courses). Unlike siloed thinking, the goal is not to separate and simplify but to learn to connect and contextualize, being mindful of the diversity and complementarity of perspectives, as well as paradoxes and tensions.

Furthermore, exposure to other cultures and social realities (notably through sociology and psychology) and to different temporalities through historical grounding, not only promotes openness to others and divergences but also decenters perspectives.

Lastly, by challenging stereotypes, prejudices, and common sense, particularly those central to managerial professions and the role of business in our societies, the humanities develop critical thinking, thus opening up possibilities for alternative perspectives and actions.

All of these contributions from the humanities are even more crucial in the context of socio-ecological upheavals and radical uncertainty in which students will practice their profession. The skills acquired in humanities courses are thus at the core of ICHEC's vision, focused on the ability to imagine, design, and manage resilient organizations in service of social justice, ecological regeneration, both locally and globally.

The team

  • Coralie Buxant
  • John Cultiaux
  • Roxane De Hoe
  • Frédéric Kupper
  • Coline Ruwet
  • Jacques Spelkens