Axis 3 - Actor of its ecosystems

Actor of its ecosystems

Our partnerships, both national and international, are designed to be catalysts of positive impacts. PRME, The Shift and Positive Impact Rating are networks and communities that feed our thinking. 


Step2you, the entrepreneurship awareness department of the ASBL ICHEC, offers pedagogical tools to work on entrepreneurial attitudes (self-knowledge, creativity, cooperation,...) in young people (from 10 years old) as well as training modules in Entrepreneurial Pedagogy for teachers. Our tools are also used in some schools in Burkina Faso (2009), Cameroon (2011) and Switzerland (2012).

Whether it is through the realization of a personal project (group, class...), during exchanges with passionate and exciting professionals, during workshops or training courses, our programs reach several thousand students and  teachers each year... 

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Start Lab ICHEC

Since 2017, the ICHEC Start Lab has been raising awareness and supporting higher education students and young graduates in Brussels in the creation of resilient, sustainable, responsible businesses and entrepreneurial projects that create jobs and positive societal values.

The institution grants the Student Entrepreneur Status, a recognition of your particular profile by the Haute Ecole. It allows you to complete your internship and dissertation within the incubator and thus value your time and energy in ECTS credits!

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The Entrepreneurship and Society Department participates in the SusTech4Africa project with Ondernemers voor Ondernemers (OVO), an organization that champions sustainable entrepreneurship in the South. Every year, ICHEC professors participate in the boostcamp in Senegal (September) and Benin (February) and train African entrepreneurs in the Societal Impact Canva, an improved version of the Business Model Canva by Osterwalder and Pigneur (2011), developed by various members of the ICHEC Start-Lab. After the training, the Senegalese and Beninese entrepreneurs will undergo a 6-month coaching by OVO, after which they can obtain a loan to develop their business. 


  • Participation in the PRME Chapter France-Benelux in March
  • Launch of the cultural component of the ICHEC Student and Staff Sports and Cultural Circle
  • Development and dissemination of a tool/guide "ICHEC Sustainable Event Organization" and support for services
  • Development of an ecosystem reducing inequalities
  • Launch of the sports component of the ICHEC Student Sports and Cultural Circle
  • Signing of an annual sustainability charter with all student associations at ICHEC
  • Affiliation with the Belgian network for responsible digital, ISIT
  • Affiliation with the Sustainable Business Travel coalition
  • Creation and operationalization of the SustainLab
  • Affiliation with The Shift network
  • Affiliation with the PRME network

Our networks in sustainable development

The Shift is a Belgian network in sustainable development, a community of organizations from all walks of life, united around a common goal: to build a more sustainable economy and society together. Their method? Connect. Commit. Change.

We are committed, as are more than 860 leading business schools in over 95 countries, to promoting core values while working to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

By joining PRME, we make a strong commitment to promoting sustainability, responsibility and ethics in teaching, research and thought leadership.

Level 3 - Progressing school 

ICHEC participates in the Positive Impact Rating (PIR), a tool for assessing the positive impact of business schools by and for students. Carried out mainly by the CDE and Oikos, around 150 students give their opinion on what the school should start, stop and continue to do in order to offer a management education that generates a positive impact for the world.

Read the 2022 report

Read the 2021 report

Cultivating our interdependencies

Coordinated by Coline Ruwet (ICHEC), Damien Huvelle (Haute École Léonard De Vinci) and Hubert Deplus (Haute École Francisco Ferrer), this network, created in 2012, offers the opportunity to exchange, help each other and act together. Open to all teachers of the 19 FWB High Schools, the specificity of the Profs in Transition network is to address the inner dimensions, both individual and collective, of the ecological and social transition. Its missions are to encourage meetings but also to connect teachers with different sensitivities and disciplinary profiles, to promote the exchange of practices around teaching and research on the transition and to constitute an incubator for common projects.  

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