Great success for the first Responsible Management Award!

Great success for the first Responsible Management Award!
The first Responsible Management Award, hosted by the ICHEC Chair in Innovative Management Practices, was given to the Nivelles-Genappe police zone for the implementation of a horizontalisation initiative in a traditionally bureaucratic organisation.

The ICHEC Chair in Innovative Managerial Practices organised the first edition of the Responsible Management Award on December 8. The aim of the award is to raise awareness of and bring together practices that support responsible management. The first objective is to federate managerial initiatives that have in common the will to "manage differently", in a perspective of work sustainability  and social justice.

While responsible management is mainly approached from the point of view of the individual, which often leads to making responsible management a matter for managers, the Chair has adopted an approach based on practices, allowing each organisation to define the approach that suits its context.

These emerging practices will also feed the work of the Chair and create bridges with

  • the academic pillar (insertion of content for our students through their course, creation of events...)
  • the research pillar (research activity and its translation into the world of organisations)
  • the partnership pillar (organisation of discussion tables, sharing of experiences, etc.)

This initiative is organised in partnership with the Réseau Entreprendre and the B19.

For this first edition, we gathered 9 candidates :

Camille ASBL ; EASI ; FormaForm ; Intys ; IRIS Auto ; Nestlé ; N-Side ; Police Nivelles-Genappe and Sita.