Master's degree in Business Management - International Track

Master en gestion de l'entreprise - International track






2 an(s)






Structure du programme

Tuition fees


A 2-year degree in
management with
official Belgian and European certification


Since its creation in 1954 ICHEC Brussels Management School has always sought to awaken talent.
To this end, we believe that our school’s international dimension greatly benefits our students.

The Master in International Business and Management

  • is structured to provide business career preparation, integrating a compulsory internship linked with the Master thesis.
  • allows real time for international and European specialization
  • offers international exchanges and internships


This program exists in the “ICHEC-UCL-ULB triple degree" version: you take classes at ICHEC, at Université catholique de Louvain and at Université libre de Bruxelles, and get the stamps of the 3 universities on your diploma.


The Master in International Business and Management is open to any Belgian or foreign student in possession of a university Bachelor or equivalent degree in economics, management or a related field. With an emphasis on the international aspects of business, this Master forms an integral part of ICHEC’s goal of becoming an international campus amid the multicultural setting of Brussels.

Our highly skilled staff of professionals and academics will provide you with a deep understanding of all major international business-related topics. In addition, the programme will challenge you to apply your theoretical knowledge to real business situations, primarily through your participation in business games, teamwork activities, thesis writing, etc.

This Master is also available in french

What prospects does this programme offer?

The  Master in International Business and Management prepares the student to be

  • a manager with broad disciplinary knowledge and specialized knowledge in one or two areas of management
  • operational, that is to say capable of taking concrete action, alone or in teams to develop and implement solutions within his particular area of specialization (International Management)
  • responsible for his/her future and that of society
  • open to the world
  • aware of complexity and keeping a critical mind


Professional situation after 2 years


Departments - Positions



An International environment

The courses offered in the Master in Management Sciences are followed by a diversity of audiences. Indeed, in addition to the students from your Master, regular ICHEC Master students also attend these classes, as well as Erasmus/exchange students, and even students following a Management Complementary Degree.

Building your career

Enrolling in the Master in Management Sciences gives you the chance to be part of our alumni network, and, with the economic environment becoming more and more global, the MMS will give you access to a wide range of professional opportunities.

Tronc commun
Code Cours Heures Quadri Crédits Enseignants
21GE015 Human Resource Management 60 Q2 5
  • Michael VERBEEK
21GE022 Digital Marketing 60 Q1 5
  • Jean-Philippe Desager
21GE030 Corporate Strategy 60 Q2 5
  • Christophe Lejeune
21GE040 Management Accounting Control 60 Q1 5
  • Benoît STEVENS
21GE050 Advanced Finance 60 Q1 5
  • Valérie KINON
Informatique et systèmes d'information
21IF032 Digital Strategy 60 Q2 5
  • Jacques FOLON
Tronc commun
Code Cours Heures Quadri Crédits Enseignants
22EC012 Topics in Economics and Environment 60 Q1 5
  • Philippe ROMAN
22GE010 Supply Chain Management 60 Q1 Q2 5
  • François GRISAY
Mémoire et Stage
22XP072 Internship Thesis Combination 200 Q1 Q2 10
  • Solange SIMONS
22XP080 Thesis 190 Q1 Q2 20
  • Solange SIMONS
Sciences humaines
22SH024 Business Ethics and Sustainability 60 Q1 5

Options (30 credits)
Code Cours Heures Quadri Crédits Enseignants
Advanced International Business Management
21IDM25 International Management and Negotiation 60 Q2 5
  • Sed Saad
21IDM40 International Finance and Fiscality 60 Q2 5
21IDM60 International Trade and Innovation 50 Q2 5
  • Aminata SISSOKO
International Business and Management
21ICI10 Export-Import Strategy 60 Q1 5
  • Marie-Lise HEINEN
21IDM20 International commercial Law and Dispute Resolution 60 Q1 5
  • Niuscha BASSIRI
21IEM10 International Marketing 60 Q1 5
  • Marie-Isabelle MUNINGER

Option : European Perspectives (15 credits)
Code Cours Heures Quadri Crédits Enseignants
European perspectives
22MEP10 European Economics 60 Q1 5
  • Ivo MAES
22MEP20 European History and Institutions 60 Q1 5
22MEP40 European Management in a globalized World 60 Q1 5
  • Frederik CLAEYE

Statut étudiant

Frais / année d’étude



From the European Union


From outside the European Union


*This amount is subject to change as a result of any possible legislative changes

    Bachelor's degree obtained in Belgium

    Admission requirements

    The following Bachelor's degrees grant immediate access to the Master's programme:

    • Successful bachelor's degree in economics, economics and management, management sciences, management engineering from a university subsidised by the French Community of Belgium
    • Successful bachelor's degree in economics or management from a Haute Ecole [vocational university] subsidised by the French Community of Belgium

    Graduates of short full-time Bachelor's degree programmes or of Bachelor's degrees completed as adult education from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Bachelor's degree programmes from the Flemish Community of Belgium can access directly to Master's courses by following an additional programme of 60 ECTS credits maximum.

    Graduates of other bachelor's degree programmes must submit a case review request to Nathalie Van Droogenbroeck

    Admission procédure

    • Complete your preregistration online between 17 June and 15 September.
    • We will set up a meeting to finalise your registration on campus once we have received all documentation.

    Additional programme*


    Code CourseTeacher
    21PEC10Economie et méthodologie de la recherche Thiry Géraldine
    21PGE10Comptabilité et analyse financière Garcia Marie
    21PGE20Mathématique Financière et Gestion financière Dumas Christel
    21PIF12Introduction à la modélisation et aux bases de données Nguyen Thanh-Diane
    21PLG15English C1+ (passerelles) Mogavero Fabrice
    21PLG20Nederlands C1+ (passerelles) Degives Emily-Jane
    21PLG30Allemand 2ème langue de Condé Anne
    21PLG90Entretien bilingue  Mogavero Fabrice
    21PMQ10Théories statistiques pour la gestion Selmouni Mohamed
    13USH10Sociologie et organisations Cultiaux John

    Mathématique pour la gestion

     Engelbeen Céline
    13UDR15Droit fiscal et droit du travail Gilson Steve
    21PEC20Economics of Strategy Thiry Géraldine


    Code CourseTeacher
    21PEC11Economie et méthodologie de la rechercheVankeerberghen Carine
    21PGE11Comptabilité et analyse financièreKempeneers Stéphanie
    21PGE21Mathématique Financière et Gestion financièreFox Mathilde
    21PIF13Introduction à la modélisation et aux bases de donnéesNguyen Thanh-Diane
    21PLG13Anglais remédiationDardenne Catherine
    21PLG16English C1+ (passerelles)Dardenne Catherine
    21PLG18English Corporate Communication & Economic Issues and Job InterviewsDardenne Catherine
    21PLG19Sollicitation BilingueDardenne Catherine
    21PLG21Nederlands C1+ (passerelles)Duponcheel Wannes
    21PMQ11Théories statistiques pour la gestionDendievel Sarah
    21PMQ21Mathématique pour la gestionDendievel Sarah
    13USH11Sociologie et organisationsRuwet Coline
    21PEC21Economie de la StratégieKhatibi Arastou
    13UDR11Droit fiscal et droit du travailGilson Steve

    *The additional programme is mostly taught in French  

        Bachelor's degree obtained from within the European Union

        Admission requirements

        The following Bachelor's degrees grant access to the Master's programme following a case review

        • Successful bachelor's degree from a European University (Bologna process) in the field of economics or management

        Admissions Procedure

            Bachelor's degree obtained from outside the European Union

            Admission requirements

            The following Bachelor's degrees grant access to the Master's programme following a case review

            • 4-year post-A-Level degree [Baccalaureate] in the field of economics or management at a university-level institution that does not operate under the Bologna process

            Admissions Procedure