Course description

Title of the Teaching Unit


Code of the Teaching Unit


Academic year

2023 - 2024


Number of credits


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Teaching language


Teacher in charge


Objectives and contribution to the program

Articulate broad disciplinary knowledge and specialized knowledge using management tools, design and implement solutions in a given situation, be able to keep a critical distance, to create clear and well-structured documents on complex subjects, and to deliver a professional oral presentation.

Prerequisites and corequisites

- Master Thesis Seminar for MMS-60
- Internship/Thesis combination for MIBM-120


- Mémoire projet "Project Management": bring adequate answer to a field problematic. Elaborate a solution to a field problematic directly linked with a company: direct field observation, with interviews, surveys… Links with theory and operational recommendations to the company.
- Mémoire recherche appliquée « Applied research »: Mix theory and practice, apply theoretical knowledge to a specific field of management.

Teaching methods

- Choose a topic - The chosen topic should be linked with the student’s interests and personal academic and professional project.
Choose a promoter, the ICHEC contact person during the whole thesis process. He or she would be someone giving methological support and/or help with the content of the work if necessary.
- The promoter will help in research, with the methodology, and give a feedback on the student’s written productions. He will participate in the evaluation of the written work and be a member of the jury for the oral defense.
- Write the thesis (around 80 pages) aiming at precision, concision, synthesis and structure.
- Present the thesis to a jury.

Assessment method

The President, responsible for the compliance with procedures (usually a professor of ICHEC)
The Promoter of the thesis, teaching member of ICHEC who followed the student during the writing of his/her thesis.
The Internship supervisor (for MIBM-120 students only)
A reader, external/internal expert (depending on the confidentiality of the thesis) or person knowing the subject developed in the thesis.

They will give separate marks for the written document and the oral defense.


ICHEC Master Thesis
Master Thesis Seminar for MMS-60
MIBM-120 Internship/Thesis Guidelines