Course description

Title of the Teaching Unit

Supply Chain Management

Code of the Teaching Unit


Academic year

2023 - 2024


Number of credits


Number of hours







Teaching language


Teacher in charge

GRISAY François

Objectives and contribution to the program

The objectives of this Supply Chain Management course are
• To give the students a global view of the Supply chain within the company
• To provide the students with a global understanding of the structure of supply chain across whole industries
• To make the students aware of the importance of Supply Chain Management, and its impact on the environment
• To teach them the concepts and techniques to be able to analyse and optimize a supply chain

Competency Goals :

CG 1 Disciplinary Knowledge
CG2 Operational
CG3 Responsible
CG6 Communicate orally and in writing in several languages

Prerequisites and corequisites

The students should have basic knowledge in Operational Research and Macro Economy


• Supply Chain Strategy
• (Out)sourcing & procurement
• Lean six sigma
• Bottleneck: Theory of constraints
• Transportation & Supply Chain Network Design
• Bullwhip effect: Supply chain coordination
• Forecasting
• Supply Chain planning
• Inventory Management
• Issue Based Problem Solving
• Importance of IT in Supply Chain
• Complexity of different Supply Chains
• Impact of Supply Chain on Sustainability

Teaching methods

• Lectures
• Case studies
• Site visits
• Conferences

Assessment method

1. Final written exam (50%)
2. Moodle homeworks (20%)
3. Extra course activity (30%):
> or 3A. Brussels Management Challenge: Participation to all cases, result on Supply Chain Management case, inscription with STEM student (+ 20%)
> or 3B. Site visit + picture, maturity assessment, analysis (Source, Make, Deliver, Plan, …), proposed improvement initiatives, and quantified environmental impact


• Basics of Supply Chain Management – APICS
• Supply Chain Management - Sunil Chopra & Peter Meindl