Course description

Title of the Teaching Unit

Management, Marketing and Methodology Seminar

Code of the Teaching Unit


Academic year

2022 - 2023


Number of credits


Number of hours







Teaching language


Teacher in charge

CLAEYE Frederik

Objectives and contribution to the program

-Acquiring general disciplinary knowledge and the tools for professional activities related to management and marketing. Students will have to contextualize and reproduce knowledge (in management and marketing) in a given situation. The confrontation of this theoretical knowledge with the reality of a company is part of the approach of the Methodology Seminar.
- Raising awareness of the complexity and importance of developing a critical attitude towards management and marketing methods, questioning and assessing the relevance and reliability of the sources used.

Prerequisites and corequisites

Participation in the management course , the marketing course, or the seminar requires no prior knowledge. A good command of English (being comfortable with a B2 level) and basic skills in terms of summarizing and synthesizing are highly recommended.


- Management: This first course is an introduction based on the foundations of management and its perspective in terms of organization, operation and performance of the company.

- Marketing: The course will essentially have the pedagogical vocation of introducing and explaining the notions and logic of marketing, to illustrate them with practical examples of various companies and to situate them continually in the global scheme of reflection of the company faced to its markets and customers.

- Management, Marketing & Methodology Seminar: The students will be brought to realize a work in team on a problematic in connection with the management or the marketing according to a scientific step which will be initiated during the various sessions of course and put into practice through the various intermediate works which will be made.

Teaching methods

- Ex cathedra courses in Management and Marketing
- Teamwork for the Management, Marketing and Methodology Seminar, supervised and coached by the teachers.

Assessment method

- Management Course: Weekly individual multiple choice questions & group assignment (in groups of 5 students).

- Marketing Course: Written exam MCQ, lasting a maximum of 1 hour, done with a closed book. The exam may take place online or at the ICHEC, depending on the circumstances.

- Management, Marketing and Methodology Seminar: The summative evaluation deals with the work carried out in class throughout the seminar, the research paper and an oral defense. The oral defense will be organized during the last session of the seminar; it may take place online on Teams or at ICHEC, depending on the circumstances. The attendance of each team member is required. Participation in the seminar is mandatory, as well as the completion of all the assignments. Absence or
failing to submit assignments will impact the final grade.


Students will refer to the following course material:

Course slides posted on Moodle.

Kotler, Armstrong, Harris & He (2019). Principles of Marketing, 8th European Edition. Pearson Education. (English version)

Lussier, R. N. (2020). Management fundamentals: Concepts, applications, and skill development. SAGE Publications

Paquet, G., Schrooten, V. et Wattier, S. (2019). Séminaire de méthodologie et d’initiation à la démarche scientifique. Syllabus. ICHEC, Bruxelles (available on Moodle)

Robbins, S., DeCenzo, D., Coulter, M. et Rüling, CC. (2017). Management: l’essentiel des concepts et des pratiques. Paris: Pearson. (French version)

Robbins, S., Coulter, M. (2018). Management. Harlow: Pearson. (English version)