Students academic and administrative Offices

Administrative office

Our administrative office welcomes you for any administrative or registration question.

Opening hours

  Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 10:00-12:30 and 14:00-16:30
    Tuesday and Thursday: closed/on appointment

+32 (0)2 739 31 99

The Academic Affairs Office

has the mission to:

  • oversee the coherence and relevance of all the programmes
  • by checking their aims
  • and their suitability, teaching methods and assessment methods
  • eventually suggest changes in the programme to the School's Academic Council
  • suggest improvements in organisation and implementation of the courses
  • assess teaching
  • establish a procedure for gateway students
  • ensure communication and the transfer of information to the Haute-Ecole teaching staff.

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is at the service of teachers and students for all issues relating to the implementation and assessment of courses.

Martine Osterrieth, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

The Student Affairs  Office

is available for any information concerning:

    • school regulations
    • the organisation of examination periods
    • graduation ceremonies

Person in charge : Martine Osterrieth, Associate Dean.

Examination Board Office

The Secretary for the Board of Examiners :

  • applies all the Examination Board’s decisions
  • deals with all complaints regarding examination procedure
  • sees referred or failed students who wish to have further information regarding their examination status

Persons in charge

    Year administrators

    Day courses

    Bloc1 : Martine Janssens
    Bloc2 : Marie Garcia
    Bloc3: Marie Garcia

    Evening courses

    Bloc1 : Hélène Wilmet
    Bloc2 : Hélène Wilmet
    Bloc3: Hélène Wilmet

    Day courses

    Evening courses

    Additional Diploma in Managment: Nathalie Van Droogenbroek