Student card

Every student who is regularly enrolled at ICHEC receives a student card.

The student card is useful :

  •     To take exams
  •     To authenticate yourself on the multifunctional copiers
  •     To consult or borrow books in the Library
  •     To check access to the site
  •     To receive documents at the administrative office

Validity of the card

The student card is valid for one academic year. However, if a student is found to be in breach of the rules and regulations, the student may be asked to return the card.

In case of loss or theft

In case of loss or theft of the student card, the student may request a new one from the Student The procedures for renewing the card are available in the study regulations, cfr Art 20. This amount is used to cover production and administrative costs

Charter of use

Students, as well as all users holding ICHEC technical cards, are invited to take note of and comply with the charte des cartes à puce.