Methodology and professional integration activities

Presentation of the Disciplinary Field

This Disciplinary Field (MPIA) organizes from the first year to the third year of the Bachelor programme multidisciplinary activities whose aim is to develop the students’ ability to manage complexity thanks to the acquisition of scientific processes that enable them to deal with a variety of situations. The objective is to develop the students’ ability to analyze, summarize and critize thanks to the processing of real information and to the confrontation between theoretical knowledge and reality.

Therefore, these activities offer structured learning processes with reference to action. They also emphasize the students’ capacity to learn how to learn and how to adapt theoretical knowledge to practical situations. Beyond that, these activities also develop the students’ ability to rally and combine different resources (knowledge, know-how, know how to be, …)

Moreover, these courses are prerequisites for the writing of the thesis in the Master’s programme

Person in charge of the Disciplinary Field

Gisèle Paquet