Management of Information Systems (MIS)

Presentation of the Disciplinary Field

Teaching information  technology systems to business management or business engineering students, implies two essential  aspects. The training must provide or at least offer the students a minimum amount of practical work so that they can immediately use their newly acquired technological mastery, for example, in the learning process of other subjects, in their internships or collaboration work with enterprises or to complete their thesis work, … this is called « providing a tool ».

But that is not the most important. Indeed, training must first and foremost confirm the students' university level by providing them  with methodologies and concepts that are necessary and sufficient to understand new technologies and implement them in the management world.

For the teachers of the MIS Disciplinary Field, the main objectives of a training in information systems, at ICHEC are :

  • to provide students with a basic knowledge (or refresh their knowledge) of management information technology ;
  • to give students basic knowledge in terms of  tools and methodologies of information systems development ;
  • to open up new possibilities for students in terms of managing information systems projects, of corporate strategy and policies based on information systems ;
  • to provide students  rapidly with a prectical knowhow, so that they can be considered as a fully operational resource in the framework of their  activities in industry. At this level, the words participation and collaborator take their full meaning
  • to ensure the university level of our teaching standards. The courses must develop concepts rather than recipes. That means presenting the fundamental principles of a subject and inviting students to reason and make the most of this fundamental  knowledge. The concrete tools that are presented during the lectures must serve to illustrate the concepts rather  than motivate the content of the course

Person in charge of the Disciplinary Field

Ejzyn alain