Languages and communication

Presentation of the Disciplinary Field

The "Languages and communication" center  provides language training (English, Dutch and a third language) for all ICHEC students, mainly during the three Bachelor years, starting right from the first year. The focus is on communication, and essentially on oral communication.

The final objective is to lead each student, at the end of  the first cycle (Bachelor programme), to  become operational  and  effective with a  C 1+ language level (certification of the Council of Europe). Moreover each student  will be brought to develop and produce business competences in a foreign language (making professional presentations, conducting negotiations, meetings...)

The language classes also allow students to develop learning strategies, and in this way contribute  to the concept of   "lifelong learning "

At the level of the Masters programme, the "Languages" Disciplinary Field provides follow-up seminars in relation to lectures on various subject matters. A series of additional language activities are also available such as conversation tables.

Presentation of the language programme over the three Bachelor years :

  • Bac 1 :  refresher courses - everyday language - remediation classes - individualized training - continuous assessment.
  • Bac 2 : economic language - continuous assessment - preparation for Erasmus exchange programmes.
  • Bac 3 : training to use a foreign language in management and business competences  - preparation for international certificates.

Person in charge of the Disciplinary Field

Patrick Vanvinckenroye