Fiscality (Tax systems)

Presentation of the Disciplinary Field

It is essential for any person in charge of a business or for a manager of an enterprise to take into account the fiscal context of the enterprise's activity. The tax system has direct or indirect, sometimes determining effects, on the financial, economic evolution and on the social welfare of the enterprise. In this context, the tax system has an indisputable influence on the profitability of the enterprise. It is therefore necessary and essential for a corporate manager to have both a theoretical and practical knowledge of the fiscal systems that affect the enterprise and the people it employs.

The Disciplinary Field Fiscalité, will provide students who have chosen the minor focussing on tax systems with training to get to know about the various fiscal problems linked to business management and to its both national and international development. Students will be confronted with practical case studies which will enable them to learn how to work out a fiscal diagnosis.

Person in charge of the Disciplinary Field

Sébastien Wolff