Presentation of the Finance Disciplinary Field

The « Finance » Disciplinary Field provides ICHEC students with training in the four main fields of finance :

  • company finance
  • market finance
  • public finance and tax system
  • personal finance

The method of teaching is meant to be prescriptive and practical at the same time. On the one hand, it aims at defining the principles underlying the financial decisions. On the other hand, it attempts to bring a maximum of empirical evidence in order to confront principles with daily realities

Courses are organized per level of difficulty and specificity. Indeed, all the students get basic courses during the Bachelor degree programme in business management and  business engineering.

In the first year of the Master’s degree programme, the students in Business Management or Commercial Sciences Commerciales will improve their knowledge by choosing the « Finance Option » (FIN1) The students in Business Management  will be able to specialize further by choosing the « Finance Module » (FIN2) The Business Engineering students will also have the opportunity to  improve their financial training by choosing the « financial engineering option » ;

In the second year of the Master’s degree programme in Business Management or Business engineering the Disciplinary Field organizes a minor « FIN3 » whose objective is to complete the training in finance in order to help the students to take the CFA exams.

Beyond training  ICHEC students, the « Finance» UFR takes part in research projects and several Phds are in process. The Disciplinary Field members are also active in the continuing education of ICHEC Enterprises and/or in other universities or Higher Education Schools.

The team is composed of « academic » lecturers, professors or faculty members working on their Phd as well as of people of the business world who have a great expertise in their field of knowledge

Person in charge of the Disciplinary Field

Mathilde Fox