Axis 4 - Governance


In 2020, an in-depth strategic reflection on sustainability issues was launched within our institution. One of the guiding principles? A co-construction in several "agile" steps, based on the principles of collective intelligence of the various internal and external stakeholders and participatory governance.

This is the DNA of ICHEC Durable. We offer an intrapreneurship experience on meaningful projects, within a multidisciplinary project-team combining different profiles (students, teachers, administrative staff, researchers, members of the management committee...)


  • Creation of a strong new sustainability vision for the entire institution
  • Organization of a first training module on sustainability issues for administrative and technical staff
  • Creation and structuring of the ICHEC Sustainable team with the recruitment of a full-time employee to support the projects in the various areas
  • Formalisation of a seat on the management committee to integrate strong sustainability as a major strategic focus 
  • Implementation of sustainable ICHEC lunch