Towards a more sustainable international mobility policy!

Towards a more sustainable international mobility policy!
As an institution of higher education, ICHEC acknowledges its responsibility to achieve the carbon neutrality goal set by Europe for 2050 in the Paris Agreement.

An international mobility policy has been co-created with various internal and external stakeholders, a policy that we hope will initiate a more profound change in behavior!

Through this policy, we wanted to propose another way of thinking about our international travel that dares to

  • Avoid - Question their added value and immediacy in order to reduce unnecessary travel 
  • Shift - Redefining the train as the normative and preferred mode of travel
  • Contribute - Encourage our users to be aware of and offset their carbon emissions in the case of unavoidable air travel (preferably non-stop)

Aware that each carbon emission contributes to climate change, we want to facilitate the choice of a more responsible consumption: consume less, better and differently.

Who is it intended for? 

This policy is addressed to all ICHEC users who have to travel to or from ICHEC: students, teachers, researchers, administrative staff, but also, without being exhaustive, our partners and visiting professors.