Presentation of the Disciplinary Field

In the same way as languages, mathematics, law, or social sciences,  economics mark the way  through the whole of the ICHEC programme. The privileged links that exist between economics and management are also present in the course objectives. They contribute to a better understanding of the environment of an enterprise,to its integration in the general economy  and to improving management techniques.

Recent reforms in the Master's degree programmes have led to a better coordination of the ICHEC economics courses at different levels :

  • horizontal cross-disciplinary coordination (in a yearly programme, or within the first or second cycle) ex : integration of the economic dimension in the AIP (Professional Integration Activities);
  • vertical programme coordination (the economics courses being part of the core programme, it is important to have a continuity in the contents and in the learning processes throughout the different years);
  • specific coordination for classes that are taught in English, both in the Bachelor and in the Master programmes (International economics I, International economics II and International regulations, Business cycles, Public economics and corporate management);
  • external coordination  (link with research work "ichec recherches" via the centre " pôle Macroéconomie régionale et urbaine" and  convergence of the economics courses with the LSM).

Person in charge of the Disciplinary Field

Géraldine Thiry