Development and Management: North-South perspectives

Presentation of the Disciplinary Field

The Disciplinary Field « Development and Management North-South perspectives » is an answer to the students’ interest in the problems that Southern countries have to face while integrating the objectives of sustainable development. It ensures  management  training adapted to the situation of developing countries and required by companies, NGOs or by the international or national public sector.

Generally speaking, the Disciplinary Field is a reference centre for any question related to the development of Southern countries. The Disciplinary Field enables students to obtain relevant knowledge about developing countries and to develop skills adapted to the specific context and  management situations. It also sensitizes students to the social and human situation of Southern societies and fosters a critical view on the North-South relationships and on the issues of sustainable development and fair trade.

It is intended for all the students of the Bachelor degree or Master’s degree in Management or Business Engineering. Through its courses in Bachelor or Master’s degrees, its practical work, its internship in situ, the Disciplinary Field « Economics of  developing countries » contributes to developing and improving skills that are necessary to :

  • understand the economies and the societies of developing countries or of  emerging countries by making students more  knowledgeable in this specific field of economics.
  • improve the students' management capacities in a specific environment
  • meet people from these countries and contribute to more justice in the North-South relationships

In addition to its specialized theoretical lectures given by lecturers involved in the problems of development the Disciplinary Field insists on the involvement in the real context and requires group work and personal work. It also encourages the students to read, meet and listen to people working on the field, to exchange personal experiences and to solve case studies.
More specifically, the experience and involvement in a long-lasting internship related to their thesis work give the students the opportunity to use the techniques of project management, to deepen the subjects taught by direct contact with the reality on the field and to enhance an important personal motivation towards the Southern societies.

The Disciplinary Field, thanks to its widespread relational network of lecturers  among people involved in the developing countries, helps the students to choose their internship, their thesis subject, their post-master training or encourages them to get awards like, for example the Cooperation for the Development Award. In collaboration with different actors of the sector, the Disciplinary Field regularly participates in the organization of activities meant to increase awareness and to educate students to the meaning of development.

Person in charge of the Disciplinary Field

Pierre Grega