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Strategic Marketing

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Année académique

2023 - 2024



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De Greef Marie-Noëlle

Objectifs et contribution de l'Unité d'Enseignement au programme

This course contributes to elevate the knowledge level of students in the area of strategic marketing.

This course will allow students :
- to understand & master the fundamental key concepts of strategic marketing
- to identify and explain major trends and their impact on companies’ marketing strategy, including environmental, societal, technological & consumer related trends
- to describe and explain the key elements that are part of a situation analysis
- to define and explain the constitutive elements of a marketing strategy
- describe and explain the major marketing frameworks that support both situation analysis and marketing strategy
- to develop their awareness of the importance of being critical actors towards marketing methods

Prérequis et corequis

arts ma- Mastering the English language
- Keeping up to date with current economic and business affairs

Description du contenu

1. Introduction to Marketing
2. Marketing Strategy
3. Customer Insights
4. Market & Competition
5. Branding, Reputation & Purpose driven marketing
6. Transformative Marketing
7. Digital & Social Media
8. Emerging Technologies
9. New Operating Models

Méthodes pédagogiques

- Ex-cathedra course, in person, with explanation of theoretical concepts illustrated by numerous concrete examples & cases
- Participation of Guest speakers illustrating the subject matter sharing their experience
- Polls & quizzes
- Q&A

Mode d'évaluation

Students are requested to
- present a written exam on the ex-cathedra courses, including content from all guest speakers
- students are requested to present a work group assignment where they analyse the marketing strategy of a brand of their choice (written document and potential oral presentation in group)

Weighting :
- written exam (70%)
- workgroup assignment (30%)

Références bibliographiques

Cfr. course programme