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Market Research and Consumer’s Behavior

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Année académique

2023 - 2024



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Enseignant responsable

Diverchy Florent

Objectifs et contribution de l'Unité d'Enseignement au programme

The role of consumer behaviour in today’s Marketing is hugely important in that you can better build your whole marketing strategy based on your knowledge and understanding of your consumers. Marketing begins and ends with the consumer, from observing and defining consumers’ needs to ensuring consumers’ satisfaction.

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the necessary understanding of consumer behaviour. Throughout the sessions, their intuition will be trained so that they can think more accurately about how consumers perceive and respond to a product and/or brand communication.

Students will also learn how to run a market research, collect and analyse relevant data.

At the end of the course, students are expected to be able to analyze any brand communication in terms of consumer behavior, to evaluate the consistency and efficiency of that communication and to develop a marketing plan to improve KPI’s such as consumer’s loyalty, engagement and experience.

Prérequis et corequis

Students should have
° a good command of English.
° some marketing basics such as 4-P, segmentation, market research. However, this is not mandatory.

Description du contenu

1. Consumer behaviour introduction
2. Mix Marketing & Segmentation
3. Needs, drive & motivation
4. From perception to memory
5. Consumer identity
--> Self and personality
--> Brand archetypes
6. Attitudes & Persuasion
7. Decision making process
8. Innovation & CRM
9. Market research

Méthodes pédagogiques

The course is based on a mix of ex-cathedra lessons, guest speakers’ presentations on business cases and students’ participation & presentations.
In addition to their regular coursework, students will be asked to work on business cases (individual and/or collective work).
The teaching materials include reference books, slides, videos and business cases which will be communicated by the professor through the ICHEC Moodle platform.

Mode d'évaluation

• 40% - Brand analysis with group's presentation (ppt or video)
• 60% - Written Exam (mix of MCQ & open questions)

Références bibliographiques

• Consumer Behaviour – 4th Edition - Zubin Sethna & Jim Blythe - SAGE Publications Ltd (2019)
• Consumer Behavior, Buying, Having and Being – 13th Edition – Michael R.Solomon – Pearson (2020)
• What your customer wants and can’t tell you – Melina Palmer – Mango Publishing Group (2021)
• The Hero and the Outlaw – Margaret Mark & Carol S. Pearson – McGraw-Hill (2001)