Who are you ?


Welcome to ICHEC Brussels Management School

You are a future student and you have decided to start or continue your studies at ICHEC

  • You have or will soon have completed secondary education; after a year spent studying at university (or at university level), you wish to change subject and want to enter the 1st year (BAC1) at ICHEC.
  • You have already spent one, two, or even three years studying economics or management at university (or at university level) in your home country or elsewhere and you wish to continue your studies at ICHEC in the 2nd or 3rd year.
  • You have a Bachelor's degree after graduating from a three-year programme in business or economics from a full-time higher education institution or from a school for adult education ('promotion sociale'). If that degree is recognized as being equivalent to that of a full-time institution  and you are interested in a bridge programme at ICHEC, you may start a 3rd-year programme (Bac 3) in Business Management, adapted according to the programme you have previously completed.
  • You  have a Bachelor's transition degree (Bologne type degree) or a Bac+4 in economics or management after graduating from a university (or from a university-level college) and you wish to start your second cycle - the Master's degree programme - at ICHEC.
  • You already have a first  master's degree and you wish to continue your studies or specialize.
  • You are already active in the professional world, you are actively looking for a job, or you have graduated from a higher education school, a school for adult education (promotion sociale) or from secondary school and you wish to continue your studies and do a university degree in Management by attending the evening programme.

International  student

ICHEC student

  • You are presently registered as an ICHEC student, this website contains useful information for you. 

ICHEC faculty member

  • You are one of  the 300 professors, lecturers or faculty members of the ICHEC Brussels Management School or you are a member of the administrative staff, welcome !

ICHEC graduates/ Alumni

  • You have graduated from ICHEC, ISC Saint-Louis or from one of our specialized centres, you are part of our alumni network.

Adult or a professionally active person seeking training

  • Involved in professional life, you want to boost your career or change directions; ICHEC offers various training programmes

High school or Higher Education teacher

  • The educationnal centre in Economics organizes classes, seminars and lectures as part of a refresher programme for in-service teachers in the main fields of economics and business management.