With its location in the centre of Brussels, capital city of Europe, ICHEC Brussels Management School stands out by its international vocation  - one of its essential strategic options - thereby offering ICHEC students numerous opportunities.

ICHEC Brussels Management School has chosen to emphasize international management as one of its main academic pillars. This is done by encouraging students to gain experience of other cultures, other languages, and other ways of learning thanks to a rich and dense network of foreign institutions with which it has developed cooperation agreements. 

Gain some international experience each year and spend a part of your study curriculum abroad.

  • After the 1st year of the Bachelor's programme :  A unique opportunity : spend 3 or 4 weeks in the USA with the « Summer Program » of the Manhattan Institute of Management (in New York).
  • After the 2nd year of the Bachelor'sprogramme: take part in the 'Housing Project', a development project in India or  Burkina Faso.
  • During the 3rd of the Bachelor's programme. For over 20 years, ICHEC has developed steady collaboration agreements with more than  120 international partners located in Flanders, Europe and all around the world. These agreements concern student exchanges, teacher exchanges, and collaboration on joint study programmes as well as on research.
  • In the 2nd year of the Master's programme :
    • one semester of their programme abroad. Students have the opportunity to go and spend the first semester in one of ICHEC's partner universities and to attend lectures on some of their options
    • or even a whole year abroad.  After attending lectures during the first semester in one of ICHEC's partner universities, students may complete their internship and their master's thesis abroad during the second semester.

Specializing in international Management

  • Majoring in international management  during the master's degree in Business Management.
  • Various options focusing on European Management, Economy of developing countries or Intercultural Management

Graduating in English

ICHEC organizes 60-credit and 120-credit Master's programmes in International Business and Management, both entirely taught in English.

Taking part in various cooperation projects

These projects show ICHEC's interest and commitment in terms of  societal responsibility 

The international vocation also means welcoming international exchange students.

  • students who are registered in one of our partner universities, and who are here as exchange students for one or two semesters while remaining registered in their home university,
  • students who are registered in a non-partner university, and who study at ICHEC as Free Mover students for one or two semesters while remaining registered in their home university,
  • EU or non-EU students who have registered at ICHEC  for a complete regular degree programme or for a degree in English.
  • international exchange students who are with us in the framework of summer programmes.

Students with special needs

ICHEC Brussels Management School aims at ensuring that the needs of students with special needs are accommodated as well as possible. Accessibility means providing a physical, mental and social environment where everyone can interact equally with other people regardless of their situation.