Printing service (SIC)


ICHEC's Printing Service (SIC) supplies students with course manuals, books, CDs, DVDs and other course material recommended by faculty members. Distribution takes place at the beginning of the year and on fixed dates during the year. All orders are to be placed through the students Dashboard ( and are supplied after anticipated payment has been processed.

The Printing Service is also in charge of photocopying documents for the Business School (administrative documents,  registration forms, internal and external messages) and for the other members of the ICHEC group (Ichec-PME, Ichec-Entreprises, Cergeco, Ichec-Culture, ESSF).

Several copy machines are at the students' disposal and can be activated thanks to the student card. Students can load their copy account at the SIC (during opening hours), at the multimedia library as well as at several campus attendant’s offices.

There is a printing service office on each campus. The Montgomery office assists first-year and evening students as well as students attending one of the other schools of the ICHEC group. The  Manoir office assists upper-years students on the day programmes.

The team

  • Person in charge : Vincent Xhrouet
    Office 205 (Montgomery) - Phone: 02/739.37.32
    Office D003 (Anjou) - Phone: 02/778.03.83
  • Assistant : Anne DURANT

Opening hours during the academic year:

  • Montgomery : Monday, Wednesday  and Thursday from 13.30 to 16.30, Tuesday from 9.45 to 12h45
  • Anjou: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8.45 to 11.45, Tuesday from 14.00 to 17.00

Every academic year the SIC also opens on 5 evenings for evening students (the exact dates and timetable are posted on icheccampus at the start of each term).

The SIC is not open when classes are suspended, during holidays and exams.