Studying at ICHEC


Two internet websites

The website that you are browsing now on which you find information concerning:


The website focusing on international exchanges  International / Incoming students

where you will find information of more direct interest for you.

Information sessions

Information sessions for exchange students and meetings with ICHEC students are organized at the beginning of each semester

The International Office( BEI)

The mission of the International Office is to develop, coordinate and manage the international relationships of the Haute Ecole as well as its contacts with the Belgian French-speaking Erasmus Agency for the financing of its exchange programmes.

The Buddy Programme

The Buddy Programme is organized by ICHEC students  to help newly-arrived foreign students integrate ICHEC's  academic and cultural activities. Each incomer may, on request, be assigned a "buddy" to coach him.


  • Courses in French

ICHEC is a French-speaking business school. Most of the courses available for Erasmus students are taught in French. It is advised to learn a minimum of French during your stay.

A week of intensive French language classes (a total of 30 hours at beginner-intermediate-advanced levels) is available for foreign students at the beginning of each semester. Registration for these courses is compulsory. Registration forms can be found on  -  International / Incoming students. The cost is 100 EUR for the whole week.

Moreover, French language classes at beginner, intermediate or advanced level are available (2 hours a week) during the whole academic year for foreign Erasmus students.

There are also many language schools in Brussels offering French language classes tailored to the needs of each student. More information is available at the International Office.

  • Programme in English

Some courses are taught in English. It is possible to follow a  complete programme in English (this is a non-exhaustive list of classes available in English).

Course registration

Information sessions are organized for Erasmus students on the first day of each semester. You will receive course schedules and programmes of all the different years. You may choose courses accross programmes of different years provided you have the approval of your home university.  Be aware that 1st-year and evening courses take place on the Montgomery site, whereas all others take place on our Anjou site. If your choice has to be validated by your home university, do not forget to submit it to your home coordinator. We will enlist you for the corresponding exams.

You will find specifications of available courses in the Course Catalogue on our website -  International / Incoming students as well as a specific document with all the courses taught in English .

The overall orientation of ICHEC being business, it is highly recommended for foreign students to have  followed  some courses, even basic courses,  in business in their home university before coming to ICHEC.
Foreign language courses (Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Italian, chinese) are also open to Erasmus students. If you wish to follow language courses, your level will be tested by the teacher in order to determine which group you will be assigned to.

Regular attendance is required at teaching activities related to courses that students have enrolled for. Moreover, foreign students enrolled at ICHEC for one semester are requested to stay in Belgium until the end of the semester they have chosen, i.e. end of January for the first semester and end of June for the second semester. No early return to their home university is possible.

The ICHEC programme consists of a large number of courses. On average one course equals 4.5 ECTS credits.

No additional fee will be required from ERASMUS exchange students to study at ICHEC. They only pay for books and course materials. There is, however, one exception:  « free mover » students will have to pay a registration fee of  600€ for one semester at ICHEC.


There are three examination periods : January, May-June and August-September.
Exams can be written and/or oral. Local grades are on 20 points.
In principle, if you fail an exam, you can take it once again during the same academic year.
Professors or faculty members will control student cards and ID cards during exams: please remember to have them with you.

A few weeks before examinations start, Erasmus students are asked to go to the International Office to confirm their registration for exams related to the courses they have chosen at the beginning of the semester. This must be done :

  • by the 15th of October for the January examination session
  • by the 15th of Febuary for the June examination session.

Examination results will be sent to the foreign students and to their university under the form of an "ECTS transcript of records" mentioning the courses followed, the corresponding number of teaching hours and ECTS credits, the local grades (out of 20 points) and the ECTS grades.

ECTS and ICHEC grading scale

ECTS grade  local grade / 20 points best/next Description
A 17 or more 11% Excellent performance with only minor errors
B 15 - 16 24% Above the average standard, but with some errors.
C 13 - 14 30% Generally sound work, with a number of notable errors.
D 11 - 12 25% Fair but with significant shortcomings.
E 10 10% Performance meets minimum criteria.
FX 7, 8, 9 Fail. Some more work required before the credits can be awarded.
F <= 6 Fail. Considerable additional work required.