Belgian student


Admission procedure for the first year of a master’s programme.

You already have a university or university-level Bachelor's degree delivered by the Belgian French Community,

you fulfill requirements to start in the first year of the Master's degree programme at ICHEC.

You already have a university or university-level Bachelor's degree (Bologne- type degree) or a Bac+4 (4-year higher education degree)

you can access our Master's programme after careful examination of your admission request.

Registration for the academic year 2018-2019 will open from 26/06/2018 to 05/07/2018 and from 21/08/2018 to 25/09/2018

Before enrolling :

You have checked that you meet admission requirements and that you have access to the master’s programme.


You can choose to pre-register online (digital upload of the necessary forms and documents) or offline (delivery of the forms and documents directly on our campus)

For online pre-registration click HERE


For offline registration, please follow the procedure below:

  • prepare a complete academic file
  • prepare a complete administrative file
  • fill in the admission form
    Documents stipulating your activities must cover all the academic years since the end of secondary school. Activities refer to academic and/or professional activities. Periods of non-activity must be related in detail in a dated and signed letter. If all the conditions are fulfilled, the Academic and Student Affairs Office examines your file and submits it to the Board of Directors that makes the final decision.
    The notification of the decision is sent by mail only
  • now you can enrol
    • on the campus : Montgomery site, Boulevard Brand Whitlock, 4 - 1150 Brussels
  • By mail, by sending all the following documents :
    • the administrative file,
    • the academic file
    • the duly completed admission form

      To ICHEC
      Bridge-year Service – Day classes : Mrs Janssens
      Bridge-year Service - Evening classes: Mrs Zichy
      6, Bld Brand Whitlock
      B-1150 Brussels

Pay the tuition fees amounting to 836 euros*. Payments can be done either on campus via a Banksys terminal or by prior payment on the account number BE 65191716222296 (IBAN), CREGBEBB (BIC) of Group ICHEC – ISC Saint-Louis – ISFSC, Bld Brand Whitlock 6, 1150 Brussels – Belgium

The enrolment will not be considered as valid as long as the file is not complete and/or if the tuition fees have not been paid.

* This amount is subject to modification depending on potential legislative change