Academic file


The academic file enables a student who is enrolling as a 1st-year Bachelor student to apply for one or several exemptions from courses listed in the programme.

This concerns students who have already spent a year in higher education studying  a subject other than management. Passing or failing is not relevant. Only studies in a university or in a university-level institution are taken into consideration. Studies completed in a private institution may on no account be taken into consideration.

Documents required for the academic file :

  • A duly completed exemption application form for each course;
  • Official transcripts of  marks;
  • Detailed table of contents or description of individual courses for which an exemption is applied for;
  • Number of hours for each course and, if possible, the ECTS credits.

The file must be handed in in person at  the time of enrolment or sent to :

Secrétariat des inscriptions
Ms Hamdi
6 Bld Brand Whitlock
B-1150 Bruxelles

If the application concerns a course followed during a year that was failed, the student must have obtained a grade of minimum 10/20 for that course for studies in 2014 and 2015 ; and 12/20 in other cases.
If the student cannot produce the required documents, the application will automatically be refused. 

After receiving your file the Associate Dean for Student Affairs will submit exemption applications to the relevant teachers. While waiting for the decision, students are required to attend all the courses of the programme that they have enrolled for. Students are informed by mail of the decision concerning their application(s) and must then come in person to sign  their definitive programme at Ms Janssen's office (for the day programmes) or at Ms Zichy's office (for the evening programmes).

Exemption applications must be sent in by October 15.