If you do not have a Belgian secondary school certificate, a European Baccalaureat, or an  international Geneva or Shape secondary school certificate, you must apply for the EQUIVALENCE of your secondary school certificate giving access to higher education economic studies in order to continue your studies at ICHEC.

The application must be submitted by the student himself  BEFORE  JULY 15 (deadline) to the Ministry of Education :

D.G de l’Enseignement secondaire – 1ère Direction – Service des équivalences
Rue A. Lavallée, 1
1080 Bruxelles

If you go there yourself, the address is the following:

Service des équivalences
Rue Courtois, 4
1080 Bruxelles
Don't forget to make an appointment beforehand  by phone :

To obtain the document, 124,00 Euros must be paid previously onto account n° 091-2110516-19 of  DG Ens.oblig. SG OMFS, Recettes équivalences 16.21 mentioning, in addition to your name, the communication message « équivalence de diplôme».

For further information, visit website http://www.equivalences.cfwb.be