Admission requirements


Admission requirements if you wish to enrol as a Bachelor student at ICHEC :

  • You must have a  Belgian secondary school CESS or DAES (before 93-94)
  • or  a  European "Baccalaureat" certificate or International  Geneva certificate
  • or  an equivalence of your secondary education certificate valid for long-term university-level management programmes
  • or have passed an entrance exam organized by a Belgian university
  • Have paid tuition fees and completed enrolment admission file
  • Have passed a French-language test if the admission certificate comes from an institution in which French is not the main language
  • You may not have been registered twice over the last 5 years  in the same year of study, for the same subject, in a university-level institution,  or 3 times over the last 5 years in the same year of study, for whatever subject, in a university or in a university-level institution.