Non - EU student


Admission procedure for 1st-year Bachelor students.

  • Registration for the academic year 2018-2019 is closed

You have (almost) completed secondary education or wish to change subject after spending a year in a university or in a university-level institution.

Steps to follow for enrolment :

  • First check that you meet the admission requirements
  • Prepare a complete administrative file
  • Apply for the definitive equivalence of your secondary education certificate that grants access to higher education in economics (only if you have not graduated from the Belgian secondary education system or from the European Baccalaureat system, from the International School in Geneva or from the International Shape School, or if you haven't passed an entrance exam organized by a Belgian university).
  • Ask for exemptions (only if you have already attended and failed a first year in a university or university-level institution).
  • Pay the total amount of the tuition fees,
     i.e.2642 €* onto the account number of ICHEC n° BE65 1917 1622 2296 CREGBEBB, mentioning your first name, last name, year of study (BAC1) as information details.
  • fill in the admission form
    Documents stipulating your activities must cover all the academic years since the end of secondary school. Activities refer to academic and/or professional activities. Periods of non-activity must be related in detail in a dated and signed letter.
  • Send all the following documents preferably before the 30th of April :
    • the administrative file,
    • a copy of the equivalence application letter,
    • the academic file (if required),
    • the duly completed admission form,

      Students Administration Office
      Mrs Hamdi

The enrolment will not be considered as valid as long as the file is not complete and/or if the tuition fees have not been paid.

Note concerning equivalence
As soon as you receive a copy of the official document stating the definitive equivalence for higher education in economics, you must hand it in to the Students Administration Office (Secrétariat des étudiants).
If you do not obtain the required equivalence, your entire file will be returned to you, 50 € will be deducted for administrative expenses, the balance of the tuition fees will be refunded to you.

For any additional information, please contact the Studies Information Office: Bureau Info-études :

* This amount is subject to modification depending on potential legislative change