You belong to ICHEC's faculty or staff members


You are a member of ICHEC's community : welcome!

ICHEC's faculty is composed of over 300 high-quality professors, lecturers and assistants who are at the students' disposal.

On this site you will find information about

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The intranet is specially designed to serve you

The intranet gives you all kinds of useful information :

  • the list of your students
  • the timetables of lectures and exams
  • students' and staff's directories
  • the list of thesis papers
  • directives in case of
    • holidays
    • sickness
    • pregnancy and maternity
    • change of addresse or civil status
    • accident at work
    • retirement

ICHEC Campus

Thanks to the Icheccampus e-learning platform you can consult the electronic notice boards and post your lecture notes, slides,....on line.

Two associations

  • The Cedhec is the association of ICHEC's faculty members, it presently has 193 members.
  • The ICHEC Alumni is the association ICHEC's graduates. Find out what they have to offer and take part in their activities. It is an opportunity to meet a former student and find out what he/she has become.

Key addresses to be a 'top Ichec surfer"

  • The CDE website, Council of Students' Representatives
  • The Cichec, the students' circle and the whole range of their activities
  • The AIESEC, the world's largest student organisation
  • Oikos  advocates the integration of sustainable development principles in education and research throughout the world