The future student's guide


Welcome to ICHEC Brussels Management School

You have decided to start or continue your studies at ICHEC,


  • You wish to attend a 2 week summer prep course in order to prepare your arrival at ICHEC


  • You have a Bachelor's degree after graduating from a three-year programme in business or economics from a full-time higher education institution (catégorie économique de plein exercice) or from a school for adult education ( Ecole de promotion sociale). If that degree is recognized as being equivalent to that of a full-time institution and you are interested in a bridge programme at ICHEC, you may start a 3rd-year programme (Bac 3) in Business Management, adapted according to the programme you have previously completed.




  • You are already involved in the professionnal world, you are actively looking for a job, you have graduated from a higher education school, a school for adult education (promotion sociale) or from secondary school and you wish to continue your studies and do a university degree in Management by attending the evening programme.

ICHEC offers guidance :